Welshcake massacre

Stolen off the stove,
Killed while birthing
When Mam’s not looking,
Fingers burning and
Tongue on fire –
The best way to eat,
But no mean feat
To dunk in sugar
And shovel inside
Quick, before you’re seen!
Delicious sweet treats
Eaten multiple ways
Perfect snack every day:
Do you drench in sugar
Or slather in butter,
Join two with jam,
Or eat with ham,
Have plain ones with coconut,
Eat with jam and cheese
Or go all out with clotted cream?
Nothing comes near
To this humble cake – 
The best ones are burnt,
Made with gluten free flour
And every one eaten within the hour!
Massacre the bastards
Before they breed,
And hide the evidence; agreed? 

(c) wordz2Go 28th  Feb 2022

Mother’s Dilemma

Scary situation in Ukraine, our hearts go out to them. Can we really be facing a war in Europe again?
Would you see your son fight? Ukraine are calling for volunteers :

Go and fight my boy,
Follow your conscience,
Go with right, not might, 
Go help the Ukrainians
Defeat the Russian bear,
They need you more 
Than I need you here.
We thought Europe was safe
That war could never
Rear it’s head again,
That young men and old
Would not die in pain.

Yet here it is. War.

Don’t go, don’t volunteer,
I need you here.
It’s not our fight,
It’s not right 
To hold a gun with intent
To take a life
That should be lived.
What can one man do?
They don’t need you. 
Stay safe, ignore the news,
Bigger men than you
Are needed to diffuse 
This situation.

Yet war is here.

Go and fight my boy,
If we do not face
Aggressors and stealers
Of democracy,
What good are we?
No one wants to join the fight,
Not really. 
Go and help,
No mother wants to lose 
Her son in war,
We’ve lost too many before.

Stay safe my boy,
May your God go with you.

(c) wordz2Go 27th  Feb 2022

A line from a book

A line from a book

“We think history is in the past, 
but it’s closer than we know”

I miss you Lyn, 
More than you will ever know,
You above, me below,
Our past is linked and
Will not be unwritten
Or forgotten;
A link permanently forged
Cannot be broken,
Except by the blacksmith 
Who keeps you safe,
Preserved on heaven’s stage 
Where you will not age, 
Your blue eyes and gentle soul
Will forever be the same,
Until the One who calls my name 
And knows my heart,
Reunites our past
In a great and glorious future.
While the forge-fire of life 
Refines us here and now
In the down-below,
The past is closer than we know.

(c) wordz2Go 26th Feb 2022

Happy heavenly birthday Lyn,
All my love, Ang x


Missing my Dad today, on my birthday and my son’s birthday.

As I look at
Dad’s photo,
From his RAF days,
I gaze 
Into his youthful face
Full of hope and plans, 
And mentally overlay
The features of my son:
The same curly hair,
The same nose and eyes 
And I realise, 
You share the same
Self-effacing smile.
He is so like you
In his ways too,
Measured and methodical
In resolving problems,
Practical, reliable
And utterly common-sensible,
And of course,
He’s always right!
Confident in his skin,
In the man within.
I can rely on him,
This Blue-eyed-boy-of-his-Mam
In the guise of a man, 
I’m as proud of him
As you were of me,
Love repays,

(c) wordz2Go 4th Feb 2022

Impossibly Possible

The year ahead
Without you –
You’ve been integral
To my entire life;
You’re not there to listen, 
To guide and counsel 
Me through 
Any strife,
To face a new year,
On this earth,
Without fatherly advice. 
To be the person
I’m supposed to be;
Because you
Made me,
To live, love and thrive,
Because your love underlies 
My future life 
From here on in,
It’s time,
For impossibly possible
To begin:

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Dad xxx

(c) wordz2Go 30th December, 2021

Still Dad

You still fill
The same chair-sized space
You ever did – 
Your chair has gone but
I still see you stroll  
From room to room
With the usual smile 
On your face
Contemplating your next move
Of aged-wickedness,
I still hear your voice
Laughing at something
That’s tickled you,
Something no doubt
To share in the pub
But never in chapel,
I still feel your spirit watching
Over us as we 
Inevitably pack away
Your treasures
Carefully hoarded 
Over long years. 
I still love you
And miss you Dad and 
You still fill 
The same giant-sized role
You ever did.

Happy Birthday 

(c) wordz2Go 20th August 2021

Ashes to Ashes

My darling Dad,

Part of me goes with you and 

A part of you remains with me – 

You will always be

My big man,

My fixer,

The lifter of my spirits.

Nothing can ever be the same 

Though life will go on

And sweep me with it

Because it must.

I miss your hugs,

Your smiling face,

Your voice on the phone

But I won’t be alone

Because your love 

Continues to encompass me. 

Rest now

And smile, 

I’ll see you again

In a little while.

All my love,

Ang xxx

(c) wordz2Go 7th July 20th 2021

Father(less) Day


How to manage Father’s Day
When you can’t send a card
Or a bottle of wine,
There’s no twinkly eyes
Or a jokey punchline, 
No gravelly greeting
As you come downstairs,
Emotional overload
In his empty chair.
We have to accept
The things we can’t change 
But Father’s Day without Dad
Is eerily strange.
Throughout the years
He gave so much love 
So while I’m below
And he’s up above
I’ll feel grateful today
That I was his daughter,
I was so lucky –
No Father’s Day pauper.
His spirit lives on 
Right here in his home 
His love tangible 
In the words of this poem.

(c) wordz2Go 20th June 2021

Dedicated to Ron Cook
20/08/1928 – 02/06/2021

Facing the Music

Forced to face mortality
Before strictly necessary,
Enjoying life –
Doing what you wanted to,
Though you knew
At 92 years young,
Facing the music was inevitable.
I thought I’ve have you 
Another year or two
And now you’re scared,
Tearful, acknowledging
You could die,
Losing confidence,
Aging perceptablity 
Right in front of me
While I ignore reality.

(c) wordz2Go 21st March 2021