For Beth

Happy birthday Beth, twenty four, hooray!
I hope you have a really lovely day.

It doesn’t seem long since you were a baby,
I rocked you in my arms and I thought, maybe,
Maybe, this child will see a fairer world;
I dared to dream as regimes unfurled.
I watched astounded as the Berlin Wall was torn apart
A symbol of tyranny destroyed at last,
I hoped and prayed that you would ingest a sense of this unrest,
And live a real life, surround yourself with those in need,
Be politicised, survive and rise above the greed.
I’m delighted you’ve grown into a caring person
Who will never be charged with political desertion:
You read widely to inform your view,
You refuse to stereotype and take your cue
From feelings deeply embedded and long thought through.
Happy Birthday Beth, I’m proud of you.

Copyright wordz2Go 19 November 2013

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