The Gamester

Wayne he is a gaming fan, a very clever man
He’s working hard to build his personal pension plan.
Communication is his very own Achilles heel;
The cry goes out, ‘Where’ Wayne’ we ask, that man is so unreal!
He’s hiding in the lab again
He does from time to time
He’ll be playing with his games engine
And sipping soda lime.
He’s not a man of many words, prefers HTML,
He’s even moved his office desk to avoid the doorbell,
He’d rather zone out and get on with his game.
The cry goes, out, ‘Where’s Wayne’ we ask; but, all the same,
We wouldn’t change him for the world, we’d rather look and lose,
‘Tis better to have loved and lost, and to be bemused
A game of hide and seek enlivens up our day
We really wouldn’t have it another way!

Copyright wordz2Go 25 November 2013

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