A non-teaching night

A gin and tonic’s just the thing on a Friday night
Pour a double over ice, God, what a sight.
Light the fire, have a seat, feet upon the pouff,
Take a first sip, just relax and then sure enough –
The damn phone will ring!
Who can it be? No-one who knows me, surely?

Keeping chitchat short and sweet I hang up the call,
G & T’s my weekly treat and above all; I deserve this alcohol!
I’m not advocating drunkeness just a weekly tipple
Better make the most of it perhaps I’ll have a triple.
Off I trot to the bar collecting on the way
Fur lined slippers, coat and scarf as it’s far away.
It’s worth the trip, I have to say, as I found the lime –
Phones’s set on answer now, my night should be sublime.
From this ditty I hope you’ve learned
On Friday night’s I’d rather stay un-in-formed.
Ring me, if you dare, but I’ve got to come clean
You’ll end up chatting with my answering machine!

Copyright wordz2Go 8 December 2013

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