Trivial Pursuits

On Christmas Eve we played a game
Of Trivial Pursuits.
The questions were original
And led to some dispute.
The oldest child wasn’t born till 1989
So questions from the 1980’s
Proved a little mis-aligned.
The youngest joined the family in 1994
So questions from the 1980’s
Were treated as a chore.
There was much they didn’t know
But they played heroically,
Some were easier than others
Like Science and History.
A family game seemed just the thing
To spend some holiday time,
Perhaps we should have picked
A game for all to shine.
We should try another game
Of Dominoes, or Monopoly
To give everyone a chance
To show their family qualities.
Christmas is a special time
Spending time together,
Building family memories
Life without pressure.

Copyright wordz2Go 26 December 2013
Bethany 24, Gethin 19.

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