Tonight is Cludo night
We’ve been checking on the rules
Julia’s been swotting up
We think it will be cool.
It should be less confusing
Than Maponimoes last night,
That took some understanding
And led to a family fight.
I’m still not sure if we did it right!

Tonight is Cludo night
Miss Scarlett has to start
The other players follow her
But all must take their part.
Only one player can be in a room
And no-one can pass a player,
Except using secret passages,
Which might confuse the surveyor –
The straight line purveyor.

Tonight is Cludo night
You can move in any direction,
You can also be called to a room,
So you end up in a different section!
Will it be Colonel Mustard
In the Library with a Spanner?
Or perhaps Mrs White
In the Conservatory with a dagger?
A resolution needs a logical planner.

Tonight is Cludo night
There are many possibilities
Of players, rooms and weapons
To list them all would be boring
But family sanity may be threatened!
Being old and menopausal
With a challenging memory
I have come to the conclusion
It might not be the best game for me –
We’ll see!

Copyright wordz2Go 27 December 2013

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