New Year’s Eve 2013

Another year’s gone by,
In the blink of an eye, it seems;
It’s hard to judge how fast, how slow,
Or even how that time has flown
For no two clocks exactly agree;
Picoseconds are time-beam debris.
Time lacks a constant rhythm,
It beats in a vacuum, an absentee.

Time is elastic, it squeezes and stretches
Then etches our memories
Into the heavenly vaults,
To store life stories in the stars.
When we want time to speed, it slows.
“Full speed ahead!” Dead slow it goes.
When we want time to slow, it speeds;
“Dead slow!” Full speed ahead it reads.

We can only interpret time,
The internal rhyme, an unknown;
Subject to a higher power, it’s not our
Tempo to decide.
Immune to our whims and wiles.
And so another year goes by.
The older we get the faster it goes,
The more we’d like time to go slow.

Copyright wordz2Go 31 December 2013

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