I drove my Mini through a flood,
It didn’t do it any good.
I didn’t know how deep it was, and I drove down there, well, because …
I couldn’t see around the bend.
I’d like to forget the cold depth,
I’d like to forget the cold sweat,
The panic that set in as the engine died on me.
I tried to reach my mobile phone,
I felt like I was all alone in a watery world.
What’s funny now was scary then,
As I climbed into the back seat,
Quite an age-defying feat,
To break into the boot to find my phone.
I was saved by my very own shining knight,
Who saw my plight and pulled me out.
The moral of the tale is this:
If you don’t want to look a fool,
Follow this simple rule – drive on Tarmac not on water,
Be sure to look around the corner,
Else you could be waiting on the BMW ministry
To build a brand new engine, just like me!

Copyright word2Go 27 January 2014

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