We are fragile beings, torn with anxiety;
Society makes high demands, we try to oblige.
We pay our tithes but we’re losing ground.
We’re up, we’re down, we’re running round,
We work long hours, sleep but few,
We rue the day, forget to pray,
Pressures of modernity stifle creativity.
We try to fit between the tracks
Defined for us by media hacks,
Forget that we control our lives.

Take this Lenten phase of year to reappraise,
Prioritise. Focus on factors outside your norm,
Stop trying so hard to conform; pace yourself.

Take time to ponder, you’ll be stronger:
Leave the rat race, leave the treadmill,
Create a stencil for the new you.
Be less susceptible to convention,
Show contrition, absolve yourself.
Halt the melt-down, share the blame,
Anxiety is a brain drain game,
A pre-paid one way trip.
You have more control if you go slow,
You can loosen anxiety’s grip.

Copyright wordz2Go 11 March 2014

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