Reaching Sixty

Marilyn’s a party girl, energy in stacks –
Shopping, cruising, shopping, boozing, shopping to the max.
Will her vigour diminish as she hits the big SIX 0?
We think it’s impossible, for the Marilyn we know
Is really most unlikely to go slow!

Life begins at 60, the world of work is on the shelf,
It’s time at last for you to focus on yourself.
The children are grown up, have left the family home,
Two are settled and contented, there’s one who likes to roam,
But he’ll return in time to choose your old-age home!

The best of life is still to come,
It’s not what you’ve done, but what you might become.
So hitting sixty shouldn’t make you glum.
I hope you take this hint and start a new pastime
Wouldn’t want you going gaga when you’re still in your prime!

There are things I shouldn’t mention
But some things I have to question –
Like will Johns spreadsheet stand the test,
Or will he get too stressed?
For John will sport a bruise
Unless there’s money for new shoes!

So ladies and gentlemen,
Raise your glasses, make a toast,
To Marilyn, the birthday girl,
And once again, the perfect host.

Copyright wordz2Go 8 August 2009

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