Hormonally Challenged

Now and then I think I see
A tiny glimpse of the real me,
I’m scary, I mean reaaaal scary.
You never can guess my mood,
I’m inclined to be unpredictable
But not really difficult;
Just touchy.
I might be wild, I might be mild,
I might be bad, I might be sad.
I might be in high humour, you never know
Until you try to talk to me.
Am I purposefully awkward,
Could my mood be conquered?
Could I take a chill pill? Hell yes!
BUT, at least I can’t be accused of being quiet.
I, don’t do quiet you see.
I do my best to tone it down
But sometimes it gets the best of me,
I’d like to be free of hormonal flux
But I guess I’m stuck, that’s my bad luck.
You should try it from the inside
Then perhaps you’d have some empathy
And understand my difficulty.
I don’t mean to give offence
But I might be misconstrued,
I guess I’m screwed.
Painful headaches day after day,
Trying to function normally
Do everything expected of me,
Is no fun I assure you.
I’m up front and in your face,
I call a spade a spade
Yes, I know that’s not PC,
But there’s no ambiguity in me.
I say what I think and I don’t over drink
Too many times in one week.
If you try really hard and stay on your guard
You just may find a peek
Of the real woman inside me.
I’m so much more than meets the eye
Though I’m not shy,
I’m a complex woman, am I.

17 Ocober 2005

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