Time is relative, so they say,
Time can make or break your day.
Moments of joy are fleetingly short.
Time distorts our memories,
Creates whirlpools of reverie,
Where emotions and events blur
and we demur to it’s control,
As time exerts an inevitable hold.
Time is elastic when we are young,
No care, no worry, time is undone.
The days slow almost to a standstill;
They’re hard to fill and its always sunny.
As we age the days fly by,
We’re chasing money and we don’t care
That time is waiting for us.
It has a way of slowing us down,
Pushing us around to make us face reality.
Time is a formality that must be faced,
There is no escape.
The vortex of time gets everyone.

Copyright wordz2Go 27 March 2014

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