No Final Kiss

He died alone in Southend-on-Sea,
Unaware he had family.
To die alone is sad indeed;
We need to know that we will be missed, not just dismissed.
Saddest of all is the discovery
That he was part of my family.
We’ll never know the reasons
Or the feelings involved –
Why two siblings lived separate lives.
What was their story and how did they live
Incognito in a valley town
Where you can drown in neighbourly interest?
There’s no automatic right to history,
Sometimes a mystery will remain
Despite the pain it hides.
Perhaps that’s as it should be, a forgotten privacy;
But what truly saddens me is this –
A man died alone with no final kiss.

Copyright wordz2Go 25th April 2014

Inspired by learning today that my grandmother had 2 sisters who were brought up by her grandparents. No-one in my family knew of them at all. Incredible. The son of one of them died 10th April 2014, alone in hospital. I can think of few things sadder than to die alone.

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