Is This It?

Thursday 7.30 am,
24th July 2014,

Is this it?
The call you dread –
The one that says a loved one’s dead.
Late at night or early morn’,
The one that makes you feel alone.
The mobile rings; the one you only bring
For medical emergencies or matters of real urgency.

Before you answer –
You see a picture of your sister.
You wonder what’s gone wrong at home
To make someone RING a mobile phone,
Clearly vexed enough not to text –
Your thoughts can’t help but run amock in the moment of the shock.

Is this it?
The call you dread –
Thank the Lord, it’s not; instead
It’s been as close a call as you need
Your Mother’s ill but it’s not what you feared.
The mobile rings and with it brings
Grateful thanks to sister, brother, cousins, aunties, any other,
Having heard the dire alarm the family has been called to arms.

Copyright wordz2Go
Le Lavendou, South of France

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