Mindful Love

“Love The Lord thy God with all thy heart,
and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind”

Matthew 22:37

The soul is the sum of many parts;
Mind, body and heart.

Mindful love is the key to the soul,
To achieve the grace to love
With the kind of love that leads to forgiveness.
Such a love requires active engagement,
Love in action not passive consumption.
Mindful love is evident physically
For we become what we believe;
The mind controls the whole body
Which in turn bends to the will of the mind.
A servant heart supports mindful love –
It provides the will to want to love those who do not love you.
The will must be strong to succeed;
Mindful love, giving with the whole body, a servant heart.

If any one part is missing the soul is fractured,
Attention divided, God over-rided.

Copyright wordz2Go 29 July 2014