Marriage Advice

To Leigh and Laura as you wed
And prepare to share your wedding bed –

Take some advice from a friendly aunt
And don’t go to bed on an argument.
I think most people would also agree
With what my Grancher said to me:
‘Give each other space to grow’,
And ‘Don’t eat yellow snow.’
While yellow snow may be easy to spot
The reason behind a harsh word is not,
So be patient and kind and bear in mind
That a marriage takes effort and time,
Like the words in a rhyme
You must work together
So that, whatever, falls from above
You’ll support each other in love.
Cooperation is the key and take it from me
It’s a disciplined art where you both play a part
In creating wedded bliss.
Remember, the key is this:
Avoid the strife and the yellow snow
And everything else from love will flow.
On this your perfect wedding day,
I pray all you want will come your way.

Copyright wordz2Go 8th August 2014

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