Welsh Logic

It’s over on the right and down a bit
Between the biscuits and sultanas,
No, no bananas today, I’ve got some.
They’re a bit soft but they’ll do,
Lovely with a bit of sugar and get me six
Lamb chops from the butcher;
You know the one, of course he’s dead now.
Some tinned potatoes so no peeling,
Can’t do it with my hands see.
An apple turnover for your father but nothing for me,
Go on then, I’ll have an ice-slice, just the one mind.
I can’t find any tinned tomatoes either.
I think I’ve got half a cabbage so no greens,
But if you see any cream, not the real stuff,
I’ll have a small pot for the cake I might make
And don’t forget to take my prescription in.
Nearly forgot, I need more butter, real butter nothing else.
I’ll have a nice cup of tea ready for when you get back
But if I’m not here I’ll be next door waiting for you.

Copyright wordz2Go 2 September 2014