bottle it up


spit it out is what they said
it’ll make you feel better
vent it out is what they said
but then bare the hunger
cry it out, alas they said
but the tears had dried away
what would you do then?
is what they asked
a hollow and empty phrase

should they know?
myself i asked
what difference would it make?
a worry less bottled up
a worry more framed

write it down, i had the urge
write it down, i have no words
write it down, tell yourself it’s okay
write it down, alas, dig the grave
dig the grave, bury the skeletons
dig the grave, say goodbye, amen
dig the grave, see the light again

look past the mundane
into the light
into the future
shining so bright
feel the air lift your spirits
don’t be weighed down, any more

listen to the laughter
listen to o the chirps

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