Chaos Completes Me

The Seeker's Dungeon

Chaos completes me,
relieves me, brings
my moments home
to a gratuitous peace
lost in the beast
of unease. Bored
with simplicity,
the refined,
the too kind,
chaos stops the dreamer
and allows me to rest
in the sublime state
of getting it done. I
am but a mover and
shaker after all, who
loves that act of building
up and tearing down walls
– some call it hypocritical,
I call it complex, so
save it, the savior’s voice,
for my choices are clear,
not in fear but clearly
outlining a need to be seen –
blessed with a kings mentality
filtered through a peasants means.

Written for Dungeon Prompts: Chaos. As I unexpectedly have a month slightly free – meaning only 10 hours of work a day, when I thought it was going to be 16, my friend Kripa and I have decided to go through all…

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