No. 861

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The Statue. By CpSingleton © 2014

Do you see the statue, children,
Frozen to the ground?
Its hands are blue and praying,
Waiting to be found.

But, men in suits of finest cloth
Showed it little care.
They forced it into winter’s grip.
Now it’s frozen there.

Do you see the statue, children,
Frozen into place?
A desperate grimace etched where
Once a smiley face.

They forced it out of shelter, their
Hearts colder than its skin.
Patience and compassion for it
No more than wafer thin.

Do you see the statue, children?
A sign of brutal times.
Would they force their own out here
To suffer winter climes?

No answer to its problem, so
Find a bigger brush.
Push the loser under the carpet!
Push, my children, push!

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