The leaves-light boy


Lord i sit with a broken heart
With pain inside me, i ask
“What is it i have done wrong?”
Is it not you who said we must feed the hungry & clothe the unclothed?

Among the leaves i saw your child
Probably because of the light he stood next to, just to be seen

With a plate of food & drink-i rush back to my bus but a voice is heard
“Sisi ndicela isonka” (sister can i have some bread)
But i walked away
Passed like i never heard a word, left like i saw no face

Well, i dont have bread
Only snacks & a few coins
A quick count & a much quicker thought
I ought to make a plan, as a voice was heard
“Sisi ndicela isonka”
All he wanted was food

Like a cheetah i ran to the shop, in & out with a plate…

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