A Melted Affair

Chocolate, chocolate, I love you
But you’re so bad for me, it’s true!
I need to put you out the way
And get my New Year diet in play:
How on earth can I get slim
When as soon as I begin
You make me open the cupboard door to look for more!
“To eat or not to eat” that is the question,
How to lose this obsession?
Short of hypnosis I’m stuck with
Unwanted pounds around my middle
Making me feel like a guided missile
About to burst my own skin;
Unless I can hold it in.
Dark chocolate, milk or Belgian
I seldom leave any;
I know I’ll get a migraine
But it’s hard to abstain
From your intimate pleasures,
Your velvety treasures of delight
And bite into an apple instead.
I vow to beat this addiction,
This mental affliction and beat you I will
Because I’m determined
To exterminate your hold over me.
So please stop calling
I’m not listening any more,
Run out the door and don’t look back
Or I’ll attack and fight to the death,
To my dying breath
To rid myself of your enticement
And seek a different excitement,
You, chocolate, need not apply.
So, good riddance and goodbye!

Copyright wordz2Go 2 January 2015

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