No. 866

Sounds like a great night!

Author, C A Middleton


2015, Eh? By CpSingleton © 2015

Who took my brain during New Years night?
Whoever it was, they haven’t re-
Wired it right.
I seem to being mislead by the
Maths in the air.
What a deep quandary my poor
Head is inside there!
The paves and the warticles are
Dancing in light!

I have mucky marsupials hip-
Hopping in stout,
Sometimes they are singing and
Other times nowt!
They swill the air with a mixture
Of styles
At least they each appear to be
I have not the first notion what
They are about!

They’re writing out deep, reflective
To include buttons and marmite as
Adhesive solutions.
They seem beset by a thought that
This is the new way.
I nod and agree despite the words
That I say:
It’ll calm horses minds and speed
Up slow evolutions!

So, you see,
Another year starts from the chipped

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