ode to a lover on 12/13/14

sheila sea

I saw you at the edge of the yard
outstretched and pulling
from the just-moist soil.
the sun in my eyes
was a small price
to watch your figure
curve & sway.

and my goodness,
is there anything lovelier
than your sweat drenched brow?

I could watch the droplets caress
your jaw for the rest of my days.
I could cease to exist
in the crook of your shoulder
& the crease of your mouth
which incidentally
hints at your being molded
from fresh clay.

as such,
I know this will not last ..
so I will memorize your gaze
and as we are lost to the dark
I will cling to this loving haze
and universe willing, as the worlds
implode around me
I will sense-
even a flicker
of your once lived
luminous & sun soaked

– Sheila Sea

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