Old Age

The dog-end of life
A strange place to be
Soon we’ll be there
You and me.
Sixty years will pass by in the blink of an eye,
Old age will happen one day,
You’ll wonder why you’re less than spry,
When you can’t get up off the bed,
Your hair will be thin, you’re off the gin
And you’ve not a tooth in your head.
Your hearing will go and you’ll no longer know
Whether you know your own mind!
It will come as a shock you’re moored to the dock
After sailing life’s high seas,
Take heart dear friends, its not quite the end
Merely a sign from above:
Time to slow down, time to look round,
Time to enjoy life’s end.
When all’s said and done you sure to come
Back to the Lord above
It won’t be so bad, it won’t be sad
To return to the Lord of love.

Copyright wordz2Go Jan 2015