Gethin @ 21


To Dad and me,
You’ll always be
Our little blondie bombshell,
Racing round and falling down,
Hoovering up along with Dad,
Becoming Harry Potter mad,
Helping out,
Our young apprentice,
Writing out huge lists for Christmas!
And how many times did you see,
Your favourite film, ‘Crocodile Dundee’?

Time flew by, you grew up
Loving scouts and CCF,
Turning into a great little chef,
Then leaving me for Canterbury;
And lately just to cap it all
Living with the indignity
Of driving a car called ‘Esme’
And I know you’ll think me rather cruel
But you still can’t beat your Dad at pool!

So far my son, you’ve been a ball,
I’ve loved it all,
You’re quite laid back,
Great sense of humour,
I’m sure you’re destined to go far
To me you’ll always be a star !

Happy 21st birthday.
All my love, Mam xxx

Copyright wordz2Go Feb 2015

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