Wales-Scotland 2015


The second battle commences
As we fight up North,
Plenty of supporters
To make the dragon roar
And watch the Murryfield monsters
Quake at the sound
Of thousands of Welshmen invading their ground.

Arm in arm they stand on the field,
Two great anthems sung with pride,
Two celtic teams side by side,
Both determined to win today
But Welsh fans pray
Harder to Rugby-God in the sky
To plead for a better result.
And God heard us today,
We saw some great play
As we watched the tries scored
From Davies and Webb
And groaned over the binning
Of a winning try-scorer,
‘At least the Ref was consistent’, we said,
Nearly as good as Halfpenny’s boot
On his deadly right foot
That ruined a fine Scottish day.
A frustrating game some say
But Warburton’s men won out –
And if you were in doubt,
Just remember this:

Wales is a small country
With mighty ambitions,
We could win The Six Nations, again!

Copyright wordz2Go Feb 2015

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