A grain of sand
In the hand of God
Cast on an ocean wave;
Life is unpredictable.
The plan for today
Is filed away
And unplanned events
Take precedence –
We’re not in charge
When life barges in;
A grain of sand,
Dancing in the storm.
We bow to neon gods
Who just defraud
Our misplaced love,
While sand is in our eyes.
We believe the lies
Behind their disguise,
We pose and preen,
Danger unseen.
A grain of sand
Cannot understand
Why it blows around
Or where it may be found.

Copyright wordz2Go May 2015

2 thoughts on “Sandstorm

  1. Eloquent. I especially liked the line about neon gods. The grain of sand image really puts into perspective how small we can sometimes feel when life is overwhelming or out of our control.


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