I call him my Duracell bunny,
You might find this funny,
But he just can’t stop.
Cruising from one job to the next,
I never quite know where he is:

Painting a bench,
Hanging a picture,
Mowing the grass,
Planting or pruning,
Tidying his garage,
Fixing the mower,
Buying paint,
Taking out the bins,
Checking the roof-tiles,
Clearing the storm drains,
Power-washing the patio,
Rearranging something somewhere,
Fiddling, potching, being ‘man-busy’.

Married nearly thirty years
And the battery’s still going strong,
‘Nothing wrong with that’, you say,
But sometimes its good to sit
And let the world go by.
I live in hope he’ll slow down one day –
But I’m not sure I could cope any other way!

Copyright wordz2Go May 2015

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