Pearl 8 – Just Married

We dreamt of the future
When we were young
And impoverished.

We didn’t have much
When we first wed:
A house, no sofas,
A dishwasher, no bed!
The heating was dodgy,
The windows were steel,
The kitchen so narrow
No room to eat meals!
The gas heaters were scary
So didn’t get used,
I was scared of dying
In the night from the fumes!
Winter nights were nippy
As we climbed into bed,
Warmed by our love
For each other instead.
The downstairs loo
Was a long walk at night
The stairs were so steep
And there wasn’t a light.

Even so, we were happy,
Alone at last –
We survived deprivations,
We had a blast!

Copyright wordz2Go Feb 2016m

2 thoughts on “Pearl 8 – Just Married

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Enjoy these times, they are so special when you look back! It’s our Pearl Anniversary this year so I’m aiming to write 3o poems, good or bad!

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