Pearl 10 – Chilli Oil


Remember the time
You nailed through a pipe
While practising DIY?
I laughed so much
As you got soaked
I could barely stand upright!

But funniest by far,
And it has to be told,
Was the night
You quietly stole,
Downstairs –
And for some unknown reason
Used chilli oil
For ear-ache pain
Then crept upstairs again.

Snuggling down to sleep –

You leapt out of bed in agony,
Your ear was on fire,
The situation was dire
But I was totally helpless,
Completely senseless with laughter
Because I’d guessed
What you you’d done
And I was stunned!
Why would any sane person
Use chilli oil
For earache?
I’ve heard of bacon for warts
And peeing on jellyfish stings
But I’ve never heard anything
About pouring chilli oil into your ear-drum,
You numbskull.

It still makes me smile
To recall the pain you went through
And how I was no use to you.
Wives beware,
When a man’s in pain
It’s best to explain
Not roll around on the floor.

Copyright word2Go Feb 2016