Wales-France 2016


I’m ginned up and waiting
For Wales to show form
They’re fighting with France
In a Six Nations storm
Should be a good game, chwarae teg boys,
You’re flying the flag
Now bring the game home.

Biggar’s missed a free kick at the posts,
What the hell, did his dance let him down?
For God’s sake stop messing around.
The scrum’s collapsing,
The French take a kick and they’ve missed too!
But they’re playing harder than expected to do.
Biggar’s on again,
We’re trying hard but there’s no try in sight,
Biggar again, the balls in flight,
Penalty to France right under the posts,
I can’t look,
6-3 on the book.
Our lead is sketchy,
We need a try but we’re robbed in the end
The scrums collapsing
We need more offence!

Half time and we’re just ahead
But the Ref is crap
The game is dead.
The score’s too close,
It’s boring to watch,
Come on boys, second-half match!

Straight to a penalty kick –
Right by the posts,
Thanks to Biggar we’ve three more on the score.
North boy I love you,
A try in their eye!


I’ve been to the bar
And I’m ready for more,
Come on boys recycle, lets play
France are pushing hard for a try,
Get the damn ball boys:
Turned, fantastic Sam,
Then we lose the damn scrum!
A penalty try to France we don’t need,
Chwarae teg nawr,
Don’t give in to greed.

16-3 it’s not moved ahead
But we’re letting France too close to the line
We can’t let them score!
We’ve kicked it downfield but Fallateau’s offside
And the Ref’s let the French cut back outside,
Right back to the posts –
They’re straining again
For a try as a sign
That they’re back in the game.
We’ve kicked it back down,
Dan the Man’s kicked again
It’s 19-3,
Is the game contained?

Legs getting tired now
But we’re still in the lead,
It’s not the prettiest I’ve ever seen
And Biggar’s got cramp
Take him off, make him rest,
Let’s give Priestland a chance for God’s sake.

10 minutes to go
Can we make a win?
I’m hoping so,
I need some more gin!
Our defence has been great
But two minutes to go and France score a try,
Why oh why did we let it in?
Slow it down now boys,
Kick it down the other end
Barnes blows the whistle,
A win’s a win.
I’m off for another gin.

Copyright wordz2Go Feb 2016

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