Pearl 12 – Rollercoaster


Love throws us upside down
As we race through blind bends
And crawl barefoot up stony mountains
In our quest
To tame the beast.
It’s as if the rails were greased
For Love has a mind of its own,
And would never agree
To an easy ride through life;
The path we take
We often make a little harder
Through self-centred ego-centric
Thoughts and acts,
Deeds that pack a punch.
Such actions reposition us to ride a loop
Again and again in an effort to improve.
The roller coaster drops us faster and faster
The longer we ride it
And if we acquiesce, Love changes us,
Blurs the scenery around us
So that we focus on each other’s needs
To feed the very human desire for harmony
That lies within our soul.

Copyright wordz2Go Feb 2016

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