Pearl 14 – Dare to Fly


Ideas are dangerous, so they say,
They don’t follow convention,
Don’t do as they’re told.
Ideas rail against oppression, racism and hate,
Give freedom of thought,
To the poorest who ought
Not to have such things,
According to conventional wisdom.

Ideas confuse reason,
Make you do things you hadn’t planned to do:
Like question the status quo,
Keep secrets that needn’t be kept
As rage and fury fight sense of duty.
Ideas stir the mind,
Frustrate body and soul.

Absorption into the human-herd
Precludes thinking:
Run with the pack,
No ideas above your station,
Allegedly society
Will fall into anarchy.
Don’t look out of place
Or the roof might collapse,
The government might fall
And everyone will drown because one looked down.

To die a good death, live a good life.
Ignore the political philosophy of the day,
Dare to dream, dare to fly ideas high
Above your town.
It’s better to drown
In the voice of thousands than live in silence.
Push for society
To celebrate diversity and individuality,
Be part of the cause not the cause that part
Continue to be subdued.

Copyright wordz2Go Mar 2016

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