Mother Love


A mother’s love is infinite,
We blossom in its grace;
Embrace unconditionally,
Grow within its symmetry.
Mother’s love’s unlimited,
A bond begun at birth;
Follows through a lifetime,
Love that is sublime.

Beautiful calligraphy embellishes
The page it’s drawn upon;
Enhances immeasurably,
Sensually invites us to trace its form,
Visually delighting everyone.

A mother’s love delights
In all that we achieve,
With love that cannot be erased,
Love that cannot be debased.
A mother’s love completes us,
Embellishes our soul;
Enhances our living,
Wonderfully forgiving,
Love that makes us whole.

Copyright wordz2Go Extended Mar 2016


2 thoughts on “Mother Love

  1. I understand that it is Mother’s Day in the UK, such a lovely photograph. Happy Mothers day to all the wonderful Mom’s everywhere!


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