Pearl 17 – Control Freak


My husband says I’m a control freak,
Damn cheek!
I’m the most laid back person I know:
Anything for an easy life,
That’s the me I see.

He’s the perfectionist
Whereas I couldn’t be furthest
From excess of effort.
Who repacks the dishwasher
Like a manic-bipolar
‘Cos no-one does it right?
Who complains I drive too fast,
Just because I outclass
Every other driver in sight?
Who tries to insist on silence
While watching TV?
Certainly not the kids or me.
Who’s never got into a car
Driven by his offspring,
‘Cos he’s chicken
When he’s not in control?

And he has the cheek
To say I’m the control freak!

Copyright wordz2Go Mar 2016


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