Pearl 18 – Wedding Day 12/04/86

Gold wedding rings

It’s a certainty –
We were meant to be.

So young when we met,
Ten years from meeting to wedding,
To the melding of two families
In Pontllanfraith chapel,
Where I had worshiped all my life.
Such a wonderful day
With all our far flung family
Gathered together to celebrate
Our new state of being.

I can see them now,
The ones who are no more,
Who’ve passed through heaven’s door –
And I’m so glad they were there.
Your Mam and Dad, my Grancher,
The lovely Julian, Uncle Jack, Aunty Aud,
Aunty Dulcie, Ceri Jones, Howard G,
Cousin Ian home from Australia just for me,
Moira and Tade, Sally and Lewis
And many more besides.
Almost every guest was family
Which is as it should be.
Some grew old and some did not
But all were loved,
Every one had their place in our story,
Their part in our glory that day.

Life is too short for regrets,
I’m so pleased you’ve been at my side,
That our families were alongside.
I have been loved by many
But none more special than you,
I love you too, still do. X

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