Pearl 26 – Compromise


In the time we’ve been together
We’ve neither felt the need
To find solace elsewhere
Or to seek arbitration.
The hardest work in marriage
Is learning to compromise
And it doesn’t come easy,
It requires real concentration.
Sometimes doors have slammed,
Angry words exchanged
And arrangements rearranged
Because we’ve not thought sufficiently
Of one another’s position
Or we’ve failed to see things
From a different point of view:
Of you from me or me from you –
Compromise is key
To the happiness of both you and me.

We’ve learned to consider one another,
To remain as lovers
Not just man and wife.
We’ve made time to make it work
Allowing space for life
Whilst maintaining
That together we are stronger.
Let’s not squander
This God-given opportunity
For marital happiness,
Let’s use compromise to temporise
And face the future
With confidence.

Here’s to the next thirty years!

Copyright words2Go Apr 2016

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