Wedding Advice

Dear Sarah,

You were just 10 when we met,
And yet –
You stood out from the crowd,
Never loud,
But you made your point,
You made yourself heard
In the vastness of church
Where you’ve grown spiritually
if not physically!

Sarah, you have grown
Into a lovely young lady,
A bride-to-be,
Counting the days
Till you plight your troth
And wed your man
Just as you’ve planned.

The only secret to married life
Is to share the love and the strife,
Take the good and the bad,
The easy, the hard
And always use his credit card!
A joint account is vital
But keep your own too
For the odd pair of shoes
Or to pay for a treat
To make life complete.

You won’t always agree
But listen to me:
Be sure to kiss and make up,
Share love and respect
And I fully expect
You’ll learn to live together
And your love will last forever.

Copyright wordz2Go June 2016

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