Mam 20/03/1932-13/06/2016

In memory of my dearest mother who passed quietly into glory just this week:

A mother’s love is infinite,
We blossom in its grace;
Embraced unconditionally,
We grow within its symmetry.
Mother’s love’s unlimited,
A bond begun at birth,
Follows through a lifetime,
Love that is sublime.

A mother’s love delights
In all that we achieve;
Love that cannot be erased,
Love that cannot be debased.
A mother’s love completes us,
Enriching our soul;
Enhances our living,
Wonderfully forgiving,
Love that makes us whole.

Beautiful calligraphy embellishes
The page it’s drawn upon;
Enhances immeasurably,
Radiates sincerity.
A mother’s love adorns
In a very similar way
Profoundly moulds us
With true selflessness.

The pain of loss is searing,
Love that cannot be replaced,
She held us in her arms
And leaned on us in age.
A mother’s love continues
Though heaven’s trumpet calls,
For mother’s love’s embedded
Within our hearts and souls.

God bless you Mam, love you always.
May God keep you safe until we meet again XXX

Copyright wordz2Go June 2016
1 Corinthians 13:4-7

2 thoughts on “Mam 20/03/1932-13/06/2016

  1. God Bless. You and yours are in my prayers. May your mother rest peacefully in glory!


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