Blame Game


Focus on the Somme today
Is right and good and proper,
We should remember, we must remember,
There is no pleasure
In war.
No winners,
Only losers.
But why remember only those
Soldiers from our home nations
The flower of a home-grown generation?
German boys and mothers suffered also,
They too were just young and innocent boys
Forced by political failure into an abominable war of attrition,
True remembrance must surely include this recognition
Of failure and the lost on both sides.
There are no winners in war, only losers
But history is written by victors
Who are rarely magnanimous in approach.
So who should we reproach?
Politicians, generals or whole nations?
Were German tactics any worse than ours,
Did they shoot the traumatised deemed to be unpatriotic?
Were their politics any more idiotic?
Colonialism and empire,
A sense of right and might
And inflexible plans of man
Mowed down as many as the guns.
Focus on the Somme today,
Is right and good and proper.
Go visit the graves, see the poppies,
Mourn the loss of millions,
Soldiers and civilians.
Remember too to visit other smaller
Memorials where equally innocent
People lie awaiting empathy.
Refuse to play the blame-game,
Let’s not forget how wars begin –
By looking for the log without
Instead of looking in.

Copyright wordz2Go 1 July 2016

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