Coventry Cathedral

First impressions
On a on a dull January day –
Stark modernism
Assaulting the eye,
Towering pillars of consecrated concrete,
Almost sky-high.
Clean and clinical;
A G-plan church in a post-modern era,
Sixties personified,
A concrete bride.

And yet, and yet –
Redeeming features are to be found:

Medieval arrow slits of stained glass,
Ancient and modern,
A shaft of light illuminates
A rainbow of colours softening the harshness
Of the inside walls
Bathing them in a warm shawl.
The tapestry of Christ and the Apostles
Follows you down the long aisle
Embedded with old pennies,
Some worn smooth with countless feet
Walking to their imperial beat.
The charred cross of fallen beams
Is beautifully touching,
Wordlessly linking the cross of nails
To the Crown of Thorns screen
And the Gethsemene scene.

Its unlovely loveliness
Surprises me,
Beyond the concrete I see hope.
All component parts are there,
Maybe this place will grow on me,
Maybe stripping tradition
Will change perception,
Change expectation.

Copyright wordz2Go Jan 2017

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