Lord, Lord, we cry to you
From the depths of social isolation,
Our souls seek consolation, restitution,
As the enemy rampages,
Morphing certainty into uncertainty,
Forging fear and instability;
While the world recoils,
Struggles to form a cohesive
Masks displace hugs,
Kisses cast to the past,
Families separate
As the virus replicates, mutates,
Driving us to dark places
Of worry and anxiety.
But have we forgotten You?
Who can be against us
When You are for us?
You control the very storm
Threatening to engulf,
You are the cloudy pillar
Leading us forward,
The lamp beneath our feet
In days of darkness,
And the darkness will be overcome!
Strengthen us Lord
With the faith of Trust,
An Unmeasured and bounteous faith
Formed from the never ending love
Pouring out over your people
From age to age,
No different now than ever
And in which we must trust.
You saved us once and for ever,
For ever and ever, 
even today –
So, when fear says 
Run scared, run for the hills
We will trust, because we must,
Because no one and nothing
can remove love freely received,
The virus is deceived,
not us.

(c) wordz2Go Oct 2020 

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