My blog is not meant to be high maintenance or hard work, I do this in my leisure time so I write as and when inspiration hits me.  This means I might write two posts in one day, four to five in week, or nothing at all for weeks on end!

I work, we have a new house which we are updating and there are times when I am just too busy to add to my blog.  Please don’t give up on me if I am in one of these phases – like Arnie, I will return!

So I hope you will continue to follow me if there are periods when I don’t post anything new, it’s not because I don’t want to and I will still be following, liking and commenting on other blogs.

I am learning to use WordPress as I go along so I also beg indulgence for the mistakes I make.  I’m trying to get to grips with it but at the moment I feel I am only just scratching the surface.

Work can be all-consuming which is why I need an outlet and for me its my blog in an alternative world where I can play with words and ideas.  I don’t so anything remotely dangerous like play sport, smoke cannabis or drink meths, manipulating words gives me greater satisfaction although I suppose I would probably weigh less and be more fit if I did play sport.

Happy reading and keep following!

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