Where will the current flow
In the new year tide,
Will I slip unsupported
Down the rapids of life,
Will I struggle with worry and strife?

It’s possible to drown
On a bright sunny day
When you’re screaming on the inside
And you’re ready to implode;
Inner-peace self-torpedoed.
Your face remains impassive
While your mind races on
Computing possibilities
Of things that could go wrong;
Must this torment go on?

I’ll try to go with the flow
In the new year tide,
Focus on breathing and learn how to float
As I sofa-surf the world
With my sails unfurled.

Copyright wordz2go Jan 2017

Ruth 1:16 KJV “Wither thou goest, go I.”

Rainbows – 29th June, 2016

Mam’s Funeral:

The rain has lifted –
Leaving Wales with a lighter heart
Even though we’ve had to part
With Mam today.
It was both incredibly sad
And beautifully joyful;
Parting is inherently painful, yet,
There is joy in belief:

Because we love you,
Because we couldn’t bear to see you in so much pain,
Because it was your time
Ordained by God himself.
Because we’re promised that we will know you again.
God is good,
God is gracious,
God answered your prayers
Because He cares.
His capacity for love
Is unimaginable,
Empathy unfathomable:
Beyond our ability to understand,
The peace of God that falls on all
Who call
On the Lord.

Sustain us even when we deny You,
Strengthen us anew.
Grace is Yours to give
And ours to receive even though we grieve.
After every life-storm is the rainbow of hope and love
In God above,
Of a time beyond time,
Of a day beyond today
When all things will be made right
In Christ’s inestimable sight.

Rest now.
Sleep tight. X

Copyright wordz2Go July 2016
Ephesians 1:10

Do Not Worry

Do not worry,
Do not fret;
The Lord is with thee yet.
Life is tough,
You’ve had more than enough;
But do not fret, just yet.

Lean on your lifeline,
Your link to above;
The Lord is with thee yet.
Hold tight,
To God of comfort and might;
Do not worry, do not fret,
The Lord is with thee yet.

Copyright wordz2Go May 2015



A grain of sand
In the hand of God
Cast on an ocean wave;
Life is unpredictable.
The plan for today
Is filed away
And unplanned events
Take precedence –
We’re not in charge
When life barges in;
A grain of sand,
Dancing in the storm.
We bow to neon gods
Who just defraud
Our misplaced love,
While sand is in our eyes.
We believe the lies
Behind their disguise,
We pose and preen,
Danger unseen.
A grain of sand
Cannot understand
Why it blows around
Or where it may be found.

Copyright wordz2Go May 2015


Sitting on the swing,
Legs paddling the air,
Staring into her childhood.
A golden era;
No stress, no decisions, no tension.
Life has changed her,
Rearranged her priorities:
Slave to schedules, deadlines.
She’s swinging high,
Way above worries,
Way above life.

Copyright wordz2Go May 2015

Scaredy Cat

Constantly morphing clouds
Elegantly floating beneath me,
Tumbling over and over,
Expertly masking majestic mountains,
Revealing vertiginous drops
In cropped glimpses of earth.
Cocooned in a tin bubble
Eleven kilometres high in the sky
And I am scared rigid.
How does this thing fly?
Though I try, I can’t trust it.
Flying is not normal to me,
I prefer to be on the ground
In control of my destiny.
Why oh why did I agree?
I’m wracked with fear and doubt
And know there’s no way out
So I keep my head in my book
And try not to look out.
I fail to see how this can be
Relaxing or conducive to happiness
But maybe it’s just me.

Copyright wordz2Go April 2015

Hope II


Belief in the impossible
Creates possibility
Belief in hope
Creates hopefulness
Without hope is despair
Where the black-dog lives
Choose positivity
Choose hopefulness
Reject negativity
Belief in change
Makes change possible
The impossibility fades away
Believe in yourself
To renew yourself

Copyright wordz2Go Feb 2015

The Teacher’s Hell

The kid passes, the kid did well,
The kid fails, the teacher’s hell,
No matter what the kid must win.

You push and shove,
Dispense tough love,
Encourage and praise,
Forgo a raise,
Work a sixty hour week,
Mark until your sight’s weak,
Go all day without a break,
Chase those who do no work,
No time even for the toilet
Work ’til the car park’s shut,
The ever open staff room door,
The ever open teaching war.
Leave a class to ring a mother,
Then wonder why you bother,
Few are grateful for your effort,
Refuse to see you as an expert,
Clearly you don’t know your job
If their child is such a flop.

The kid passes, the kid did well,
The kid fails, the teacher’s hell.

Copyright wordz2Go Feb 2015


image image

Driving through town,
Doors locked,
Late at night;
Protection or exclusion?
Is the intention to shut out the world
So it no longer exists?

Feeling safe,
In our own bubble,
In our nice, safe life;
Preservation or isolation?
Are we so wrapped up in our lives
That we give others short shrift?

Slow down, look around,
Ground yourself,
Make friends in the queue,
We are called to love,
Don’t sit on the shelf –
Involve yourself.
Go serve a meal, buy someone a drink,
Think, don’t drive on by.

Copyright wordz2Go 11 January 2015