1 @ Lent 2015

I wonder why you bothered,
What stirred you to action?
Why did you call me,
Me of all people?
Not your best example
More blameful than blameless,
Not exactly devoted –
Yet you charted a course for me,
You drew me to you,
Slowly, patiently, you smiled on me
And made me your child.
You allowed me to make mistakes,
With unlimited retakes,
You curbed my wildest excesses,
Helped me build bridges,
And still, I wonder why?
Why did you choose me?
I cannot conceive the aeons of time before me,
Or those yet to be,
And still I wonder why me, why now?
I feel the burden of responsibility
To return your devotion,
I need you, Lord, to lead me
Where you want me to be,
Guide me to my role in your plan
So I can
Reflect your love for me.

John 15:16 “You didn’t choose me, remember, I chose you…”

Copyright wordz2Go Feb 2015
Lent series 2015