Cabbage or cauliflower?
That’s the debate
For Sunday lunch
It’s not too late
To consider the issue
Of Veggie-Gate.

Roasties in duck fat,
My favourite kind,
Parsnips and carrots
And if you don’t mind –
Gluten free stuffing,
The best of all time.

The chicken’s roasting,
Lunch’s getting closer,
The question is vital:
Cabbage or cauliflower?
Lets go mad, Veggie-Gate’s over,
It’s peas instead!

Copyright wordz2Go July 2015


British Summer Time

Shorts off, jeans on,
One day, summers gone –
British summer time’s sublime.
A summer cold,
A light weight brolly,
These two will see you through!
Dismal stuff, summer rain
Season’s rained off again.

Copyright wordz2Go 1 June 2014