Religious Bigotry

I am reposting this to show empathy with the awful events in Paris this week.  I have to believe that love will overcome hate and tolerance will prevail.  We can’t all think the same, we won’t all believe the same but we all have to find a way to exist together harmoniously.


Robots are servile,

Impartial, uncreated beings –
Speaking and moving by algorithm,
Pre-prescribed mannerisms not bound by consequences.
Technology enables such humanoid forms
That conform as expected,
Subjugated by commands –
Incapable of feeling or giving love.
Unchallenged religionist-robots
Boycott God-given intelligence,
Display arrogance in managed belief.
Closed minds, unrelieved dogma,
Bigotry in rigidity.
True faith is humbleness, openness and love,
Acceptance of the God of unbelievers
Not a robotic set of rules.

Static religion, unbending, criticism unending, for ever and ever, amen.

Copyright wordz2Go 24 September 2014