The Gift


Jesus Christ,
King of Glory,
Gifts himself for our redemption.
Jesus Christ,
Son of Man,
Gifts himself out of heaven.
A gift of life
Come down to us;
A gift of love,
Of selflessness.

Jesus Christ,
The gift is given,
King of light born in darkness.
Jesus Christ,
Lamb of God,
A babe born blameless.
A gift of life,
Come down to us;
A gift of love,
Of joyousness.

Jesus Christ,
Prince of Peace
Died in pain on a cross of shame
Jesus Christ
God become man
Born to die, born to reclaim.
A gift of life,
Come down to us;
God of love:
The gift of Christmas.

Copyright wordz2Go Dec 2016
John 3:16 ‘For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son’.



You’d think it was easy
To act out a mime
But time after time,
I failed.
My acting was wooden,
I talked when I shouldn’t,
My acting was a crime!
A traditional game
Shouldn’t be this hard,
Playing charades
Should be fun,
But I was so bad
It has to be said
I was in way over my head!

Copyright wordz2Go December 2015


Out shopping, I met a man,
Cross-legged on the floor,
Outside a clothes store,
He looked reasonably fed and generally well;
Possibly an angel,
A Christmas messenger.

Inside, I couldn’t concentrate,
His begging plate
Burned into my conscience
‘Till I couldn’t see
The new clothes in front of me.
I envisaged his dog on a cushion
And him on the cold floor –
Right there, outside the door.

He was destitute –
Playing Carols on a tin flute,
Begging for money.
Drawn to speak to him,
I offered a hot meal –
He asked for a sausage roll and a tea
Which humbled me.

He thanked me and told me
His luck had turned,
He was less concerned
Now he slept in a caravan.
His lowly accommodation
A salutary lesson,
A Christmas message
That less is more.

We wished each other ‘Merry Christmas’,
I carried on my way
Thinking of the food in my fridge,
The presents under the tree,
Waiting for me.
A Homeless Angel
Shook my complacency.

Copyright wordz2Go December 2015

Refugee Advent

Imagine an advent calendar
That lets you live
Another life.
Where would you go?
Who would you be?
Would you open the door
To live as a refugee?
Walking miles each day,
Forced to pay
With no certainty
Of crossing safely;
Forced to flee
From war or strife,
Forced to live a different life.
Fighting for food
In a cardboard-camp,
Misplaced xenophobia,
International amnesia –
As you wait, patiently,
For someone to notice your plight,
To say you have the right
To a good life.

Where would you go?
Who would you be?
Would you choose the life of a refugee?

Copyright words2Go December 2015

Post Holiday Blues

Turkey-stuffed and tinselled out,
The sprouts are gone, the tree is down,
Long awaited break complete.
Sleep-stocked and energised,
Alarm’s revised, it’s time for work,
Holiday is now replete.
Battery-charged and bags primed
Reminds me the break is done,
Going back is bittersweet.
Teaching wreaks a heavy toll,
Whole sleepless nights, the sassy kids,
Sometimes hard to stay upbeat.

Copyright wordz2Go 5 January 2015

I Was Hungry


The Christmas tree,
Stripped of baubles, lights and needles,
Looks lost and lonely; friendless in a family.

The street beggar,
Bright lights and joy all around,
Families visiting, hugs and kisses abound,
Others asleep on the cold, hard ground.

The street kids,
Camped in corners, watch front doors close,
No festive celebrations just confrontation.

The Christmas tree
Has no further use, despite how pretty it was.
The beggars and street kids, the lonely, the lost,
Only hope for a night away from the frost.
Society’s rejects, the tree and the man
Can both be recycled, please try if you can.

Copyright wordz2Go 4 January, 2015

Matthew 25:41-43New International Version (NIV)
“I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.”

Advent Meditation

Advent candle burning low
Melts the days away
Expectation in the waiting
Excitement builds day by day
Celebration in creation
Christmas Day is on its way

Only three more days of waiting
Only three more days to go
Three more days of preparation
Three more days of candle glow

Advent story in the flame
Mary pregnant, still obeys
Taxation exiles far from home
Salvation plan is underway
Celebration in creation
On the first Christmas Day

Only two more days of waiting
Only two more days to go
Two more days of preparation
Two more days of candle glow

Advent candle burning low
Mary, Joseph on a journey
Resurrection travel plan
Protection by an angel army
Celebration in creation
Love for all on Christmas Day

Copyright wordz2Go 22 December 2014