Post Holiday Blues

Turkey-stuffed and tinselled out,
The sprouts are gone, the tree is down,
Long awaited break complete.
Sleep-stocked and energised,
Alarm’s revised, it’s time for work,
Holiday is now replete.
Battery-charged and bags primed
Reminds me the break is done,
Going back is bittersweet.
Teaching wreaks a heavy toll,
Whole sleepless nights, the sassy kids,
Sometimes hard to stay upbeat.

Copyright wordz2Go 5 January 2015

I Was Hungry


The Christmas tree,
Stripped of baubles, lights and needles,
Looks lost and lonely; friendless in a family.

The street beggar,
Bright lights and joy all around,
Families visiting, hugs and kisses abound,
Others asleep on the cold, hard ground.

The street kids,
Camped in corners, watch front doors close,
No festive celebrations just confrontation.

The Christmas tree
Has no further use, despite how pretty it was.
The beggars and street kids, the lonely, the lost,
Only hope for a night away from the frost.
Society’s rejects, the tree and the man
Can both be recycled, please try if you can.

Copyright wordz2Go 4 January, 2015

Matthew 25:41-43New International Version (NIV)
“I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.”

Advent Meditation

Advent candle burning low
Melts the days away
Expectation in the waiting
Excitement builds day by day
Celebration in creation
Christmas Day is on its way

Only three more days of waiting
Only three more days to go
Three more days of preparation
Three more days of candle glow

Advent story in the flame
Mary pregnant, still obeys
Taxation exiles far from home
Salvation plan is underway
Celebration in creation
On the first Christmas Day

Only two more days of waiting
Only two more days to go
Two more days of preparation
Two more days of candle glow

Advent candle burning low
Mary, Joseph on a journey
Resurrection travel plan
Protection by an angel army
Celebration in creation
Love for all on Christmas Day

Copyright wordz2Go 22 December 2014

A Christmas Promise

It keeps me sane
To know that I will see them again –
Those I’ve loved and lost along life’s way;
They gave me so much,
I yearn for their voice,
Their touch in my day.
I miss their laughter, their love,
But above all,
I know they’re safe –
Waiting somewhere on an unseen plane
Until we meet again.
I’ve stored beautiful memories
I can see anytime,
These are always mine.
I can conjure their smiles
And familiar words pop into my mind
That remind me they lived;
With no thought at all I can recall.
I live in the present and I love my life
But the life that I have is not all that I am,
I am the sum of all that is past,
The here and now and then at last
The future of what will be.
So when I lie down at night
To recite my prayers
I know they’re safe,
Waiting somewhere on an unseen plane
Until we meet again.

Copyright wordz2Go 21December 2014


The most expensive free gift ever.
We can never afford
Such generosity
That magnifies the paucity
Of our response.
Why is it so hard to accept
Unconditional love,
So hard to surrender to above?
Gifts are precious,
Imbued with passion
For the chosen recipient,
Who doesn’t receive in kind
And is blind to the true value.
The freedom to choose
To accept or to refuse,
To deny or to reuse.

Copyright wordz2Go 7 December 2014

Trivial Pursuits

On Christmas Eve we played a game
Of Trivial Pursuits.
The questions were original
And led to some dispute.
The oldest child wasn’t born till 1989
So questions from the 1980’s
Proved a little mis-aligned.
The youngest joined the family in 1994
So questions from the 1980’s
Were treated as a chore.
There was much they didn’t know
But they played heroically,
Some were easier than others
Like Science and History.
A family game seemed just the thing
To spend some holiday time,
Perhaps we should have picked
A game for all to shine.
We should try another game
Of Dominoes, or Monopoly
To give everyone a chance
To show their family qualities.
Christmas is a special time
Spending time together,
Building family memories
Life without pressure.

Copyright wordz2Go 26 December 2013
Bethany 24, Gethin 19.

Turkey Time

Phyllis-Doris 3 is fattened and plumped
Specially picked for Christmas lunch
She’s had a good life down on the farm
Free range credentials are part of her charm.
A lovely fresh turkey for Christmas Dinner
A beautiful, buttery, bronze medal winner
‘Free the Twyford turkey’, I hear you say
Go stuff your own, she’s mine for Christmas Day!

Copyright wordz2Go 20 December 2013